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5 Day Fast

Episode Summary

As you guys know, in our last episode of The GS Nation podcast, Dave and I talk a lot about why fasting might actually help you and why it might be beneficial to your body and your growth, both mental and physical. We got so excited about this topic that Dave decided to embark on a 5 day fast. So in this episode, we break down how he went about preparing for this fast, how he felt during the fast, and what he's feeling post fast!

Episode Notes

1:04 - Captain Robinson

1:48 - Our Spartan Team: Charlotte, NC. recap

3:00 - not eating for 5 days... really let that sink in...

4:00 - why fast?

7:13 - what should you eat before a fast

9:10 - Dave's first fast

12:04 - timing your fast is important

15:19 - working out while fasting

16:46 - Cary makes fun of Dave

17:50 - can I still have caffeine?

19:22 - Dave's hungriest day & how he ignored temptation

24:08 - past the 72hr mark... you're not going to expect this...

26:20 - Dave's fasting experience overall

29:47 - the most frequently asked question from our clients and Instagram

31:46 - choose your post-fast meal wisely, good suggestions on how to break the fast!

35:33 - ask us questions! If you're thinking of fasting, we'd love to help you along the way! Direct message @thegsnation or email Dave at

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This week’s question is: Have you ever fasted before? What was your experience like?