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Biohacking Tips for the Healthy Traveller

Episode Summary

Don't feel your best when you travel? Well, today Dave and Cary are talking about traveling for the health minded individual. They give tons of biohacks that are going to help you travel more comfortably, feel better when you land, sleep better, and all of that good stuff! Added bonus... they also talk about different ways that you can avoid those unhealthy options in the airport and much, much more!

Episode Notes

1:25 - Dave's most recent trip, Paleo FX

4:02 - you've heard us say it before...

6:00 - what to drink

7:00 - what to wear

8:00 - what to do during your flight

9:48 - the FIRST thing you should do after getting off of a plane!

11:04 - what to eat

12:48 - the one thing you should NEVER do if you're about to change timezones

13:23 - what Dave avoids at all cost when he's flying

14:20 - how Cary turns travel days into work opportunities

15:17 - this tip is a funny one...

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This week’s question is: What are your favorite travel tips?