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Embracing Fear and Earning Exhilaration

Episode Summary

Is fear a friend? or foe?... Dave and Cary have a conversation with Brian Muka, the fear Sherpa himself, about that very topic! Brian tells us all about his background and his evolving relationship with fear. He explains to us how fear is good and how we can use it for our benefit. He takes us all throughout his journey and leading up to his current venture, Fear Sherpa. A practice where he coaches people & helps them recognize their fears, harness their fears, and use them for good.

Episode Notes

2:00 - Brian's experiene as a GS Nation member

3:22 - people should hear about what you used to do...

6:57 - bomb technician, United States Navy

9:01 - what do you do when you achieve your goal and then realize it's not what you want?

14:24 - "these are my fucking people."

17:29 - "I have a picture of me with a thermometer in my mouth, it says 90.9 is my core temperature."

19:00 - life as an engineer in the United States Navy

21:48 - a house of cards

23:24 - "I never looked the part."

24:14 - initial success or total failure

27:18 - the importance of failure

31:39 - "I never really believed that I belonged"

36:00 - Iraq

41:16 - "I knew how to how to defend my guys, I would die for those men. I didn't know how to defend myself."

44:05 - everything is exactly as it should be

46:00 - you are not only more than enough, but wildly capable of embarking on this journey

49:00 - it's all part of the unfolding

50:54 - Fear Sherpa

53:04 - "love is infinite"

57:01 - embracing fear and earning exhilaration

1:02:20 - if we can learn how to free ourselves from the fear of death, we've actually learned how to live

1:06:33 - how to avoid, handle and overcome anxiety, stress, and fear

1:11:12 - rewilding and undomestication

1:16:21 - more on fasting

1:23:46 - PaleoFX and Enlifted by Mike Bledsoe & Mark England

1:30:00 - how do the words that you choose on a regular basis impact everything else that you're doing? Both in the gym and outside of the gym?

1:35:13 - Brian's definition of impact

1:37:00 - Follow Brian and Dave's adventures this week at PaleoFX @fearsherpa and @getstrappedstaystrapped

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This week’s question is: What are some of your fears? After listening to our podcast, how do you think you can use them to your benefit?