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Jungle Meets World: HRV, fruititarian, backflips, and love

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave interview a good friend of theirs, Jungle. Both Cary and Dave have truly enjoyed getting to know him and the way in which he lives his life. Jungle is a very fit and strong athlete who is headed down a path towards success. And Dave and Cary really wanted to take an opportunity to ask him some questions about his past, his present, and his future. Jungle gives a lot of great tips on how you can lead a healthier life, which would lead to a happier life. He also shares his perspective on what he's learned throughout the years within the fitness industry, within everyday life, living through injury, and his mantras and beliefs about love.

Episode Notes

3:30 - it's going to blow your mind

7:00 - fitness seems like it's maybe a title...

11:30 - four books that kind of solidify Jungle’s belief system on the health and human performance side

14:43 - love for animals

19:48 - sleeping with an earthing mat

21:43 - I was attempting to do a backflip because, you know, whatever…

28:40 - something has got to give

30:00 - I’m dealing with real world life like everyone else

32:00 - I used to crawl alot

37:09 - It doesn’t freak me out. But sometimes it freaks me out.

41:00 - I want to fast for as long as I spiritually need to

44:13 - Okay. So, no eggs?

47:16 - 80% fruit and 20% vegetable diet

52:49 - It’s really terrible what we’re living under...these circumstances… it’s really difficult

54:53 - I move based off of all the things that I see and I'm just creative enough to innovate it.

56:51 - You know pain very well

58:31 - I want a lion.

1:02 - I’m the youngest so I was the observer

1:06 - I was battling a lot of stereotypes

1:08 - if you really look at them, they are good people

1:12 - As I became a truth seeker, that’s how I became a vegan

1:14 - No matter what happened in my life, I always knew I was gonna be okay

1:16 - Love is real and you need to do that more.

1:18 - Follow Jungle on instagram @junglemeetsworld

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