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Cary & Dave's Current Mantras

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dave and Cary discuss their current mantras. Mantras are something that you've probably heard about before, and Dave and Cary wanted to talk to you guys about theirs; what these affirmations mean to them and how you can create your own to use them in your life! Do you have any favorite mantras or affirmations? Let us know over at @thegsnation on Instagram & Facebook, or shoot us an email to fill us in!

Episode Notes

2:00 - how mantras can help you

3:10 - Dave's first mantra

5:10 - any future that you envision, in order to get to that point or get closer to it, there's going to be certain tasks that you don't love as much as other tasks

7:40 - Cary's first mantra

9:01 - That lesson taught me, when I'm not happy I have the power to find happiness through gratitude.

14:19 - Dave's second mantra

16:04 - I'm committed to continuing down this path and seeing where it takes me

22:44 - Cary's second mantra

25:00 - I'm so f-ing done with being insecure

27:58 - change your words, change your thoughts, change your story, change your reality, change the world

29:29 - what's your current mantra? Let us know by tagging your post #currentmantra #thegsnation on instagram and facebook!

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This week’s question is: What are some of your favorite mantras? Let us know!