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Preventing Injury & Protecting Your Body

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave talk all about recovery, hydration, sleep, and the ways you can prevent injury from occurring. This episode is part 2 of an injury mini-series in which Dave gives his point of view in the wake of his recent back injury. He discusses what he could’ve done to protect his back & the importance of listening to your body.

Episode Notes

1:53 - We preach recovery.

3:00 - There’s 8 things I have not been doing regularly that would've helped me

4:43 - About four or five hours prior to hurting my back I...

7:44 - I ignored the signs my body was giving me.

8:30 - I didn’t deserve it, but I earned it.

10:06 - There’s a big difference between an injury and soreness

13:20 - Abracadabra

14:25 - Listen to your body

15:00 - Protecting your body from future injury

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This week’s question is: How do you prevent injury from occurring?