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Primal Flow Mace Training with Dr. Joey Cadena

Episode Summary

Dr. Joey Cadena has dedicated his life to movement. As an accomplished martial artists and Spartan athlete, he's been functionally moving his body for decades. His passion for movement led him to become an incredibly talented physical therapist. To this day, he spends his time helping others recover, rebuild, and regain strength in their bodies. His company PhysioSports Therapy has become an institute for human performance, training and treating elite athletes strength & conditioning, nutrition, and physical therapy. Primal Flow, another company of his, manufactures and distributes wooden maces. These training tools enable athletes to move functionally, keeping their core engaged while pushing or pulling. His Primal Flow Wooden Training Maces are used to optimize the human body's mobility, muscle balance, neuromotor control, hand-eye coordination, and strength. In this episode, Cary and Dave ask Dr. Cadena about his background and experience with movement. They talk all about functional fitness, primal flow, the mace, flow state, and much more! We hope you enjoy this episode and (as always) please share it with your friends! Let's rock 'n' roll.

Episode Notes

3:07 - Meet Dr. Joey Cadena

6:19 - functional fitness

8:00 - Dave & Joey nerd out about Spartans

9:01 -primal flow + the mace

11:31 - "mindless mindfulness"

13:31 - active meditation + flow state

14:40 - the history of the mace

17:23 - moving with a mace

19:45 - and then serendipity hits... the creation of the primal wooden mace

(21:11 - the benefits of being present!)

23:30 - what athletes are missing...

28:00 - why maces are the optimal tool for rebuilding mobility

33:44 - steel vs. wood

36:00 - how to target specific muscle groups using your mace

39:00 - the issues specialized athletes are running into...

42:00 - Joey's top training tools for traveling

44:54 - the Thor Hammer

47:54 - you heard it here first! Primal Flow's newest training tool

55:09 - visit @primalflowmacemovement on instagram and online

56:59 - Joey's definition of impact

58:20 - Dr. Joey Cadena will travel to your gym! Contact him via instagram or online on his website

Use the promo 'GSNATION15' for 15% off your purchase!

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