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The Fear of Embarrassment

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave discuss the fear of embarrassment! Feeling afraid of getting embarrassed, or embarrassment itself, is natural. Evolutionarily it benefited humans to “fit in.” Being a part of the larger community increased your chances of survival. So, the fear of being different was a physical response designed to protect us! Dave and Cary talk about how to overcome embarrassment, as well as the fear of it, and tell some pretty epically hilarious stories along the way! This is an episode you’re not gonna want to skip...

Episode Notes

1:41 - Embarrassment or fearing what others might think of you can really be a roadblock in accomplishing your goals

5:00 - “How can you be “essentially” butt-ass-naked?...”

7:48 - The power of embarrassment

9:49 - Leaving work to go home & change your pants…

12:29 - Be the first person to laugh at yourself

13:35 - We thought THAT was going to be the most embarrassing thing that happened that night...

16:28 - Embarrassment is truly grappling and can take over

19:00 - What stories are you telling yourself

20:00 - Focus your energies on feeding your confidence

23:26 - On the other side of fear is bliss

24:43 - We will work with you on overcoming your fears!

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This week’s question is: What makes you feel embarrassed?