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The Physiology Behind Fasting

Episode Summary

Fasting can be extremely beneficial for your body & mind. In this episode of the GS Nation podcast, Dave and Cary really dive into some resource materials to learn more about what goes on in your body when you fast. Whether you're interested in learning more about fasting, or thinking about trying one out, here is our version of Fasting 101

Episode Notes

0:00 - Cary Wade or Cary Underwood...

2:00 - let's talk about fasting

4:00- you know, you fast every single day

6:48 - triglycerides into glucose

9:14 - the body's preferred source of energy

14:00 - the effects of fasting on performance

16:00 - "yeah... but what about catabolism?..."

17:11 - by far, the biggest benefit of fasting

20:00 - "how long should I fast for?"

For more information on fasting visit:

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This week’s question is: Would you ever fast? Why or why not?