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Training While Injured

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave talk about injury and how you can train while you're injured. Recently, Dave has reignited an old injury that he’s currently training around. He's going to talk about his personal experience, as well as other types of injuries and how to train around them.

Episode Notes

1:38 - Little bit of a backstory here...

3:17 - Now, fast forward to two days ago.

5:56 - The thing about back injuries is...

8:26 - What to do if you are able to train around an injury

9:34 - Let’s talk lower body injury

12:20 - One of the most important times to workout

14:00 - How diet effects injury

16:31 - Training your mindset

19:45 - Use your breath

21:08 - Finding gratitude in your ability

24:00 - Injury as opportunity

25:00 - COMING NEXT: Episode 29, how to prevent injury!

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This week’s question is: How has your experience been training with an injury?