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$0 to $35 Million: How a Successful Business Is Built

Episode Summary

Can you imagine if your company made 35 million dollars in a year? Yeah, well, we're sure Matthew used to have trouble picturing it too. Now?.. not so much... If you are interested in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, mindset, or entrepreneurship, this episode is definitely for you! 21 years ago, Matthew Januszek and his father started a company out of a spare bedroom in their home. With no contacts, no brand, no experience and no money, they set out to make a name for themselves as THE leading gym equipment distributor. Well, that's exactly what they did. Escape has grown into a multimillion-dollar international force to be reckoned with. With over 120 employees working with the biggest fitness and hospitality brands in more than 80 countries, Matthew and his family has turned their dream into their reality. Needless to say... Cary and Dave were dying to pick Matthew's brain.

Episode Notes

3:55 - a little about Matthew

4:43 - Matthew's background

9:02 - entreprenuers usually have multiple jobs starting out

14:56 - Is motivation really bullshit?

19:17 - even successful business owners struggle with this sometimes

23:22 - why "Escape"?

26:28 - women's clothing... wait... I'm confused

32:03 - what's behind the curtain

33:51 - and in an instant, everyting can change.

34:51 - creating a business with your family

37:48 - how to pivot and why it's important

43:56 - Cary's favorites: self-awareness & mindset

46:57 - Dave's favorite: keeping the streak alive

48:05 - a day in the life of Matthew Januszek

52:21 - Matthew's definition of impact

58:06 - one of the most amazing things ever said on this podcast.

59:09 - check out the "Escape Your Limits" podcast!

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