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Episode Summary

Morris “Mo” Brossette has been in the health and fitness industry for over 24 years, and is an expert on human behavior, mindset, movement, and nutrition. He uses techniques learned personally, and in his work with athletes of every level, including Olympians and disabled military veterans, to help his clients manage stress, reduce pain, and achieve goals. Mo is also currently the Director of Mindset and Nutrition at The Adaptive Training Foundation, a Dallas based non-profit that leads disabled military veterans and civilians through a 9-week mental and physical training program called “Redefine”. Through this unique program, Mo helps these adaptive athletes overcome physical, emotional and mental pain, fear, and self-doubt. Cary & Dave are pumped to have Mo on their show today because of his unique approach to fitness. He helps his clients and athletes redefine what they believe is possible and understand the power of changing their mindset and surrounding themselves with positive people.

Episode Notes

2:13 - Link Endurance & Brossette Performance Coaching

4:58 - "I'm an eternal child"

10:07 - let's talk OCR

16:11 - the key to success in life

21:19 - Mo's morning routine

22:39 - Mo's first book

23:57 - planning for the unexpected

29:06 - Dave still has a Fu Manchu

30:55 - Paleo Fx

37:19 - training adaptive athletes

43:36 - putting things into perspective

45:08 - the time Dave's world got rocked by some good ole perspective

46:52 - raising awareness and teaching young adults what life would be like as an adaptive athlete

50:07 - Mo's definition of impact

51:19 - something for you to change your perspective...

52:07 - how you can find Mo

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This week’s question is: What's something that's changed your perspective?