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Losing 100lbs & Living a Purposeful Life

Episode Summary

Angelo Sisco is the Owner and Head Coach at O'Hare CrossFit. He has also created an incredible brand called Alpha Hippie (check out his podcast!). For Angelo coaching is definitely his life's work. He's faced hardship when it comes to his own health & fitness, but he managed to turn his life around and continue making progress. Towards the start of his fitness journey, Angelo dedicated himself to losing weight. He went on to lose 100lbs in 7 months with CrossFit and proper nutrition. During this time, he found a passion for motivating others to pursue their fitness goals and aspired to become a trainer. He wanted to provide a valuable, sustainable service to his clients that would help them live their healthiest, happiest lives. Fast forward and today he is proud to call O'Hare CrossFit his home, where anyone who is looking for a change and is willing to put in the work is welcomed into a massively supportive community.

Episode Notes

3:00 - Paleo FX & Enlifted

5:32 - owning a CrossFit Gym

7:00 - losing 100lbs

9:00 - how small businesses really start...

11:40 - "My relationships are my estate"

14:00 - building a community

17:00 - creating the optimal environment for growth

19:15 - nurturing relationships & empowering your employees

21:00 - how do you begin a weight loss journey? Where do you even start?

28:21 - staying motivated when you really want to give up & thrown in the towel

30:00 - learning how to love yourself

33:00 - with love comes creativity

34:35 - Alpha Hippie

37:09 - creating values for yourself - what kind of person do you want to be?

40:09 - Angelo's morning routine

44:00 - the importance of setting boundaries in the workplace

45:17 - Angelo's definition of impact

47:17 - Mastering Masculinity

51:11 - looking inward and the benefits of self-awareness

52:00 - Angelo's opinion of our show...

54:17 - reach out to us with questions! @cary.wade @getstrappedstaystrapped

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This week’s question is: What have you learned throughout your weight loss journey?