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Whatever You Want, You Deserve with Megan Wilson

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave interview Megan Wilson from Sweet Sauce Blog about her legendary hustle and how she found the courage to chase after her dreams! Megan is a creative who has taken her blog from an exciting creative outlet to a monetized site. We talked about what we're going to do at the end of the world. We listen to Megan's story about when she got robbed in New Orleans. Our personal favorite part of this episode is when Megan tells us her current mantra that she's adopted that she's encouraging others to adopt as well... It goes a little something like this, whatever it is that you want, you deserve. Enjoy y’all! Subscribe to The GS Nation Podcast here - [ ]

Episode Notes

2:30 - So, who is Megan and what does she do???

6:00 - How Megan chooses what to work on and when

8:05 - When Megan learned about bravery and courage

15:18 - Quitting her 9-5 and going all in

18:37 - Creating time and space to get into the zone for writing

21:00 - The six types of women you should have in your life by age 30

27:00 - Taking care of yourself first

35:16 - How Megan markets herself and her blog

38:08 - Starting her instagram account with her brother @wakelifewheeler

48:00 - Never using the word “regret”

57:29 - Getting robbed in New Orleans

1:00:00 - Whatever you want, you deserve.

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This week’s question is: When did you first find the courage to step into your true self?