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What We're All About - GS Nation Turns One!

Episode Summary

What is up GS Nation?! Today on the podcast, we've got Part 1 of a two part Anniversary Episode. The Nation is one year old and Dave & Cary wanted to take a second and reflect on the past year. They talk about what The Nation means to them, as well as all of their favorite memories over the last 365 days! Thank you for listening and thank you for being a part of The Nation. Let's party!

Episode Notes

1:09 - Cary starts off with an epic quote, duh.

5:03 - let the reminiscing commence

7:40 - that time a T-Rex showed up at a workout

9:35 - that time Dave went to the OCR World Championships in London, England

10:29 - Cary gets heartfelt (what else is new? haha!)

12:35 - how we help you live a healthier, happier life

18:36 - you'll never guess what Dave wants to wear all the time...

19:41 - Cary ends the episode with the ultimate advice (via another quote, obvi)

23:03 - Join The Nation at

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This week’s question is: What are your favorite things about The Nation?