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Working Out on a Deserted Island

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave talk about life on a deserted island! No joke. They discuss the fitness items (if they got to pick two) that they would take with them. However, all jokes aside, this episode has extremely practical use. Whether you are trying to build your own gym at home or are starting from scratch and trying to figure out what it is that you need in order to workout, strengthen your body, and accomplish your fitness goals, this episode is for you!

Episode Notes

2:00 - We're going to chat about what we would bring to a deserted island.

4:18 - cool. Let’s do it.

7:11 - that's definitely a tool that I'm going to want

8:49 -

10:00 - you talked me out of the…

12:00 - we just invented the new CrossFit ladies & gentlemen! It’s called survivor.

15:07 - it’s unreal

17:00 - it’s easy to build in fitness

19:00 - you are going to see some massive improvements in not only your aesthetics, but also your performance

23:00 - bonus items to bring

24:49 - I kind of want to build a raft

15:00 - Our 1 year anniversary is coming up!

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This week’s question is: What would you take with you on a deserted island? Let us know!